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Call now to talk with Operations Manager, Tony Vella 0407416454

Call now to talk with Operations Manager, Tony Vella 0407416454

“I believe the key context to our decision-making is and has always been focused on building trusting relationships. It goes beyond our client relations to building relationships with all our stakeholders, including Local and State Government staff and the broader community, as demonstrated in our approach to ‘Special Projects’.”  
Greg Downes 

About Us:

Downes Group is a privately owned team orientated, multi - disciplinary development consultancy of professionals practising from offices on the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Chinchilla.

Operating for 35 years, the directors of the company Greg Downes and Simon Passlow sought to change the direction of the company to encompass a range of services beyond land surveying. From Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs and Surat Basin, the company employs local staff and has extensive links to the community, landowners, local businesses and government service providers.

We are:

Surveyors – Town Planners – Development Consultants

We provide essential elements in the development of the human environment through our concepts, planning, execution and measurement. The company’s disciplines are: surveying and planning, with surveying being our strongest business core.

Sectors we service:

- Local and State government

- Land development and construction

- infrastructure, natural resource, land and community service providers

Our focus:

to be trusted for seamless quality data & surveying, effective development consulting, always working as one.




Our passion is to provide SEAMLESS PRODUCT AND SERVICE whether it be survey data, development consulting or project management of projects.

Our strength is our STRONG TEAMWORK that provides connective tissue linking our diversity, our relationships, our experience and skills, our sense of responsibility.

Our commitment is to yield success through EFFECTIVE CONSULTING and that means effective communication, creative strategies, and responsive efficient solutions. safe local yet mobile strong teamwork price competitive diverse specialists highly effective and responsible seamless product and service efficient proven