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Call now to talk with Operations Manager, Tony Vella 0407416454

Call now to talk with Operations Manager, Tony Vella 0407416454

Augmented Reality

23th November 2016

Live Real Time Reality enhanced by computer aided technology is about to burst into our lives professionally and socially. Think “Tony Stark, Iron Man, the super intelligent flying suit”, that’s augmented reality. Interpretive sight and sound sensory tech with you live assisted by “spatially accurate” GPS. Not to be confused with virtual reality where reality is replaced, augmented reality has potential across many industries including education, medical, search and rescue, sports and entertainment, marketing, tourism, mining, the list is endless.

The Surveyor

Surveyors are spatial data experts. We work in centimetre accurate GPS, robotic and scanning environments. Innovations in emerging spatial and measurement technology are where our industry leaders are found. State governments across Australia are developing strategy for an augmented reality vision of land data management. As this vision becomes real, what we as surveyors do in the field will be very different to how we work now.

At Downes, we see that (AR)devices (headsets, tablets, and glasses) may soon allow us to access real time professional data as we move and work, bolstering quality management in field. We utilise cutting edge technology now, like our 12d modelling software, our robotic and GPS/GNSS equipment, but this alone does not equal success.

So what else helps us succeed? Our internationally accredited Integrated Management System does. Ensuring seamless quality spatial data and communication does. Good response times, continuous improvement, and our titling and consulting expertise does too. Our passion for the delivery of outstanding results for our clients is essential. This all allows us to work across the development industry, assist design of state roads and national infrastructure projects, spatially control construction projects, work with all levels of government, and do what we do.

For more information, please don’t hesitate giving me a call or send me a message.

Tony Vella