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Call now to talk with Operations Manager, Tony Vella 0407416454

“Downes provides innovative, responsive and collaborative consulting services. We are supported by reliable and efficient systems that ensure prompt and responsive personal service. Our team is engaged, enthusiastic, experienced and well integrated.”
Greg Downes
Founding Director

Spatial SCIENCE | Surveying

KEY CONTACTS: Tony Vella, Simon Passlow

Surveying is an exact science. And Downes is an expert in this science.

Spatial Science encompasses the work we undertake when we measure and draw, manage and analyse, report and visually display spatial information when describing the earth, its physical features and the built environment.

Capturing accurate data ensures that ideas translate into deliverable outcomes. Spatial information is crucial for any land development, infrastructure, mining or construction project to succeed. In fact, it provides the essential base-line for projects within our landscape to be conceived, initialised, planned, understood and executed.

Downes has worked extensively within the Spatial Science realm for developers, energy and resource companies, government departments and service providers.

We perform terrestrial surveys using Total Stations and GPS equipment, and through our industry partners utilise data from Lidar and Photogrammetry.

Our Project Team Leaders are not only specialists in their respective fields, but are also skilled project managers with proven controls that support an expert team striving to achieve your vision.

The three key components that are encompassed by Spatial Science are:

- Surveying 
- Mapping 
- GIS (Geographic Information Systems). 

Our Spatial Science services include:

Land Surveying:

- Determination, location and definition of land boundaries and secondary interests interpreting anomalies in the cadastre and common law reinstatement principles
- Subdivisions, titling issues, community titling, lease of land and lease of buildings, easements, covenants, land tenure, riparian boundaries, mixed use developments.

Development Surveying and Spatial Data:

- Search and assembly of investigative spatial data from accessible sources and media
- Development control surveys 
- Detail surveys, site feature and contours 
- Specific as-constructed surveys for investigations, records and compliance 
- Drainage surveys 
- Production of plans, maps, files, data bases, models, charts and reports 
- Designing, establishing and managing the spatial infrastructure and fundamental data sets needed to support economic development and environmental management at a local, regional, state or national level
- Acquiring, interpreting and manipulating geodetic data to determine the shape and size of the earth and its surface 
- Collecting, analysing and managing geographic data and designing, establishing and administering land and geographic information systems.

Construction, Engineering and Mining Surveys: 

- Construction set-out including, concrete footings and hold down bolts, structural steel erection
- Earthworks, operational works, and as constructed surveys
- Building set-out
- Road formation set-out and alignment design
- Railway alignments and bridge construction
- Survey network and construction control for infrastructure and mine sites
- Exploration drilling set-out and location surveys
- Legislative and cadastral advice for mining tenure
- Plant equipment and machine alignments (for example, conveyor pulleys and truck bodies)
- Volumetric surveys
- Deformation monitoring.

During all projects Downes will: 

- Start with the big picture

- Support collaborative partnerships

- Provide creative input

- Tailor plans for optimal results

- Be responsive and dependable


Track record

A selection of Downes' recent clients working within the Spatial Sciences realm:

- Talinga Gas Plant
- Braemar 123 & 456 Power Stations
- Kogan Creek Power Station
- Darling Downs Power Station
- Condamine Power Station
- Cameby Downs Mine
- Syntech Resources
- Bilfinger Berger
- Santos
- Siemens
- Golding Contractors
- Lanskey Constructions
- Cockatoo Coal
- Macmahon
- Multifix Constructions
- Parsons Brinkerhoff
- Powerlink
- Opus
- Monodelphous
- Catcon
- Haliburton
- Tru Energy
- Department of Transport and Main Roads
- Viking Energy
- Energy Management Australia
- Laing O’Rouke Australia
- Cardno HRP
- Sunshine Coast Regional Council
- Western Downes Regional Council
- Department of Community Safety, Queensland
- Tiaro Engergy Corporation
- Vantage Holdings
- Surat Basin Homes
- Eumundi and District Historical Association, Eumundi Markets
- Coles.