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Our Special Projects illustrate who Downes is and how we think.

While they don’t always fit a particular mould, Special Projects provide examples of what can be achieved across all areas of our business.

We take an innovative approach with all our work, however, our Special Projects tend to be created by ourselves rather than commissioned by an external party. Because we start with fewer constraints, Special Projects provide additional freedom to be creative.

Typically, these projects relate to development opportunities that otherwise would not have existed had we not become involved and offered our “planning” or “environmental” lens to a particular scenario. There is a strong entrepreneurial element to our Special Projects. They are essentially vehicles to deliver better outcomes for the landholders, our clients, the community and the environment. We’re motivated by the professional challenges and rewards Special Projects bring, rather than just profit. It’s our chance to create something unique. That said, the “win-win” nature of these projects often means these projects are highly profitable for the landholders and our clients. While not always the case, these jobs can be resource-intensive, but they are worth it. As well as inspiring our senior team members, Special Projects provide excellent learning opportunities for our graduates and other younger staff members.

Projects that fit this category include:

- Facilitation, planning and delivery of seemingly complex joint-ventures
- Development of coordinated plans that respond effectively to the particular characteristics and values of an individual site
- Sustainable developments or tailored prestigious projects for developers, service providers and community organisations.

By taking a “big picture” approach, applying our expertise in innovative ways along with effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders, we are able to gain strong support for a tailored solution that responds effectively to the opportunities and constraints presented by a particular site. Through the pursuit of Special Projects, Downes has actively sought to support clients achieve their financial objectives in ways that facilitate environmental and social objectives of the community and build our clients’ reputations as good corporate citizens.

Individualised services in Special Projects align with our Built Environment Growth services:

- Environmentally Sustainable Development
- Subdivision Approvals
- Boundary Identification
- Project Management
- Feasibility Analysis
- Town Planning
- Public Consultation
- Development Applications
- Master Planning
- Engineering and Cadastral Surveys.  

During all projects Downes will: 

- Start with the big picture

- Support collaborative partnerships

- Provide creative input

- Tailor plans for optimal results

- Be responsive and dependable