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Call now to talk with Operations Manager, Tony Vella 0407416454

Call now to talk with Operations Manager, Tony Vella 0407416454

“Our contacts at the Surat Basin Property Group say they like our flexible accessibility, good advice, excellent response times, and our very professional cost-effective services.”  
Tony Vella 
Operations Manager

Town Planning & Development

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Downes' Town Planning & Urban Design disciplines encompasse design and formulation work for developers, service providers, and community organisations and spans across urban and suburban design, rural neighbourhoods and centres, and “place making” within the public realm.

Downes focuses on successful design delivery through collaboration, creative and passionate strategies, and quality, adopted design principles.

We believe that just as life is sometimes a compromise, so too is design. When it comes to designing places, many pressures impact on our first principles. But if the end result is better and greater than the individual parts together, that is what counts. It’s how it’s put together, not just what’s in it.

These are Downes’ core principles for “places we make”:

- Character: We draw on the existing setting to create natural designs that are contextualised with the land and those who will use it. In doing so, we create a true sense of place
- Adaptability: We aim to make a place that can change, work, and be appealing into the future
- Diversity: We think about the “fit for purpose” and what future life will look like after beyond the development’s completion
- 3D Sustainability: We design to deliver. As such, design must be punctual and efficient, while enabling feasible engineering solutions, cyclic outcomes, profit and longevity
- Flow: Our designs should be permeable (treating vehicle movements efficiently and safely) and connective (ensuring public places and destinations are linked by direct, safe routes, of efficient travel)
- Clarity and Framing: We make self-navigation easy by appropriate street design, suitable continuity and scale of built environment, and by utilising appropriate natural features
- Quality Public Spaces: Our designs should allow creation and enhancement of a public realm that is safe, beautiful, useable and loved.

During all projects Downes will:

- Start with the big picture

- Support collaborative partnerships

- Provide creative input

- Tailor plans for optimal results

- Be responsive and dependable

Track record

A selection of Downes' recent clients working within the Town Planning & Urban Design sectors include.


- Surat Basin Property Group, Chinchilla
- Green Ackers Estate, Miles
- Eumundi Strawberry Farms, Eumundi
- MSM Developments, residential estate, Chinchilla.


- Energy Management Australia, Roma
- Surat Basin Property Group, Chinchilla
- McNulty Street industrial Estate, Miles
- Durapower Nambour, Yandina.

Sustainable Rural Residential

- Aurora sustainable rural residential estate, Valdora
- Buderim Escape sustainable rural residential estate, Buderim
- Paynters Creek sustainable rural residential estate, Rosemount.

Place Making and Community Organisations

- Nambour Alliance
- Eumundi Strawberry Farms
- Eumundi District Community Association
- House With No Steps
- Sunshine Coast Riding for the disabled
- Yandina Baptist Church.